Last day in Paris

Wild. Where has the time gone? I can’t believe that I’m taking off for the US tomorrow. Since I didn’t have any classes for my last week or so in Paris, I made sure to “profite bien” as my host mother would say, or just get out there and enjoy yourself. I was very successful with going through my paris bucket list, and as a result i’m not leaving feeling like I left so much of Paris unseen.

So last weekend, I had picnics under the Eiffel Tower. 

Saw Napoleon’s tomb at Invalides

Saw an awesome exhibit at Palais Royale, by Anish Kapoor, Monumenta

Went to Giverny, Monet’s house and gardens in Normandy.

FINALLY got L’as du Falafel, the infamous falafel restaurant in the Marais that I hadn’t been to yet!

Went to the Musee Rodin, saw incredible sculptures and hung out in the gardens all afternoon.

Hit up Musee de l’art moderne AND Palais de Tokyo in one morning, here’s a mural from the modern art museum about electricity.

Went to Angelina’s to get hot chocolate one last time

Got gourmet Pizzas delivered to canal st martin for a picnic lunch. You order the pizza and they give you a balloon, then when it’s ready they ride delivery bikes along to canal until they find you. I got an amazing pizza with thin sliced duck, apples and goat cheese.

And now I’m packing everything up! I can hardly believe it. It probably hasn’t even hit me yet, so I’d advice checking back next week to see how goes my reverse culture shock, along with starting my internship and OMG turning 21.