One Acts!

This weekend the Robinson Players presented our annual Fall One Act festival! Check out the poster oneactsfinal!

I was acting in “The Pond,” a new original piece written by Bates grad Sam Leichter ’08. Cool huh!? The first three shows were short and silly, and then our show was longer and much more serious. The 25 minute piece was a fun thing to jump into this fall, though less of a time consumer than a full length show!

Though the one acts are over, “The Pond” will be performing again the weekend of November  5th for the Robinson Players 90th anniversary celebration. The playwright will be coming up, along with other old rob players, to celebrate and see some theater. Kind of nerve-wracking, but hopefully wonderful! Can’t wait.

(In the play, I was 8 months pregnant. Here is an early shot from rehearsal, the first time I tried on my fat suit belly!)


A Deliciously Relaxing Weekend…

This weekend, after battling papers and books and other mountains of stressful homework all week, I headed off for 24 hours at the coast for a Yoga retreat!

While I was abroad last spring, the Bates Yoga Kula came into existence– some really enthusiastic (and inspiring!) students who love yoga decided that there needed to be more on campus! This year, there are FREE classes 5 days a week offered by different instructors in different styles of yoga to the entire Bates community. Talk about amazing.

I’d never done yoga before, but had to complete a final PE credit for graduation. I signed up, assuming I’d just go two days a week, as is required. I totally fell in love. This semester is a crazy busy one for me, with FOUR classes in the English department keeping me utterly occupied– always reading and writing! Going to yoga every afternoon at 4:30 is my daily break from my super stressed world. The classes here are really well attended– the radiant vinyasa classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays usually brings out around 90 students and staff! Thats a LOT of sweaty people manipulating their bodies and breath in one room. Very cool and very uniting. The classes are held in Old Commons, where Batesies used to dine before the new facility was built.

Anyways, the kula (or community) organizes more than just classes each day. There are workshops and field trips– one such being the retreat! We headed out to Bates’ property near Popham beach, Shortridge, on Friday afternoon. We had 5 cars full of happy yogis ready for some relaxation, meditation and serious yoga. A diverse group of students, of all class years, genders, and friend groups, we all came together and had an amazing weekend. Filled with classes, meditating, games, conversation, silence, eating, beautiful weather, and an unforgettable 7:30 AM beach trip, I am so happy with my decision to go. I felt empowered– both physically, due to my mastery of some of the more strength-intensive poses that I’d yet been able to do, and mentally, after maintaining silence for an extensive period of time and conquering barriers in my mind as well.

Such a great trip– but now i have a LOT of reading to do, and my body is aching from all the yoga I’ve done in the past few days!

Common Ground Fair

Last weekend I decided to forgo my giant pile of work for a much needed Sunday escape to the country! Hannah and I roused ourselves early Sunday morning and drove way up north for the Common Ground Fair ! Though every year I’ve known about it, this was the first time I’ve been able to go. I’m SO glad I made it up there before I graduated. It was full of incredible things– crafts, animals, food, agriculture, environmentally conscious people, social justice organizations, the largest gourds (and other veggies) you’ve ever seen, stone masons, and much much more.

Here are some photos, all taken by Hannah Zweifler.

Pretty lovely right?? Ah, the joys of a beautiful day in Maine…

80s Dance

One of the most anticipated events of the fall at Bates is the 80s dance– an excuse for students to dress in their best throw back outrageous attire and generally get really silly on the dance floor. I am a huge fan of 80s cover bands, and believe that I went out with a bang with my last 80s dance: I stayed singing and dancing in the front row until the very end of their set, and was such a devoted fan that the band felt obligated to give me a set list afterwards. Ace!

Here is a photo of me taken by dean Keith Tannenbaum while I sing my heart out. It’s a great moment! (i’m in the bottom right with the colorful squares on my shirt). Rock on.


Last weekend was my final fall Clambake with the Bates Outing Club! This event is tried and true– every September, the BOC gets lobsters, clams, burgers and other barbeque fare all set up on Popham beach for Bates students to come and spend a beautiful Saturday beachside with their friends.

Because of my involvement with the BOC, the past three years I have been on set-up crew: I volunteer to get up at the crack of dawn and load up the trucks with food, drive out to the site and generally prep things. This involves a lot of heavy lifting (…of ketchup bottles and cookies) but it is always a lot of fun to bond with the BOCers. We had amazing weather this year, which is lucky because last year’s clambake was a cold and drizzly event.

Here is a few of the set up crew as we prepare to dig pits in the sand to cook the lobsters!

While contemplating how to cut up watermelon for two hundred people with, unfortunately, nothing but a swiss army knife, our brainstorming took us in a rather artistic direction and thus, mr Potatomelonhead was born.

Clambake is a great tradition that brings Bates kids off campus to get one last beach day in before the wonders of fall unfold. I’ll certainly miss this next year!! Lucky for me, the BOC holds two clambakes a year– there’s another one in short term!

Southern Jaunt

Last week I spent a few days visiting a friend in her home town of New Orleans, Louisiana. It was essentially my summer vacation– I finished my internship and packed my bags for a couple of fun days down south with a fellow batesie that I hadn’t seen in over 8 months! I made a similar trek last summer but this year it was bigger and BETTER! We did the touristy thing, ate incredible food, explored the nightlife and a lot of other things! The one downside was that this year was much hotter than my last trip– being outside felt about 117 degrees! That hindered our plans a little bit. But it was still lots of fun! Here are some photos.

Schuyler and I ready for a fancy dinner with her parents at Patois— yum yum! Not to be confused with this picture from last year.

We went to the zoo! I love zoos (and aquariums, too!)

Schuyler is READY for the zoo– we even parked next to the ZOO MOBILE!

Check that bird!

Who was hotter, that black bear or me?

Ducks roamed freely– as did peacocks

I was being really silly. There are LOTS of monkeys at this zoo, however, because of the heat, they were all napping in the back of their cages. I was forced to improvise…

I thought that this picture of me and an elephant’s butt was really important.

Clearly a big fan of statues…

Schuyler was too!

And last but not least, we found a bobcat. Go bates college!!

After a long day of walking around the zoo, we stopped for lunch at an incredible restaurant called Couchon. BBQ with a hip, fresh flare. Guess what I had? ALLIGATOR. Guess what it tasted like? Chicken.

Later that night, Schuy and I sampled local cuisine. We got milkshakes…

Which was not the only milkshake I consumed — in fact, the next day we breakfast at Slim Goodies Diner  and I had a delicious vanilla milkshake too! Look how serene I am…

We tried walking the french quarter– through the market and bourbon street, etc, but it was just too hot. We attempted to cool ourselves down with cold drinks, but it wasn’t doing the trick.

It was hot hot hot, but then again what can you expect from N’awlins in August? It was a great trip — other highlights included lunch at La Petite Grocery , sampling ceviche and rubbing elbows with the elite of NOLA at Cure, and apparnetly barely escaping food poisoning at Nacho Mama’s (unfortunately, our companion Taimur was not so lucky…).

New Orleans is just such a fascinating city. There’s so much to see, so much to do, so much to eat, to drink, to learn. It’s definitely a place I would like to keep visiting; each time I go, I experience completely new things!

And it’s back to Bates on Friday!

The End of an Era

And by era, I mean… internship? A ten week internship at the Castle Group. Not that long, but looking back, it seems like a huge expanse of time. And now it’s over! Woah.

I have learned so many things in the past ten weeks; if I wrote them all out, item by item, one by one, it would be a longer document than all my status reports, all my instruction sheets to the next intern, all my email correspondence put together. There is nothing greater than experience– no better way to learn than jumping into the middle of something where you don’t know what you’re doing. And, to anyone who has read a blog of mine before, I am a nervous person and so for me to say this now, sans any fear, is incredible. Looking back on my first day (my first week, even!) when I was miserable and lonely and feeling like an idiot, I see someone with a lot of learning coming her way. And yes, at times it was really difficult and I really did feel totally useless, but now, at the end, I’m beginning to feel..well, almost like an integral part to my office machine.

I made phone calls to people who didn’t want to talk to me with less fear than I’d ever imagined I could; I sent out daily emails to my entire office with a client coverage that I put together; I wrote, edited, sent and followed up on pitches; made lists of media outlets relevant to a given release or pitch; did research on publications, awards and clients. And a lot of other things. Whew!

But another side of what I’ve learned is how to interact professionally with a group of people while still building meaningful personal relationships. Bam! I love meaningful personal relationships. I’m all about social contact and learning about the people I spend my days with is really important to me.

So here I am. The last day of waking up at 6:30 and leaving the house before 7:30. Arriving back (on foot, no less) around 6:30 pm, another day over and done with. No, I didn’t get any pay checks (and my train tickets came in just under $300) but I have certainly gained a lot, that, as cheesy as it sounds, I deem “priceless.” (Wow, i’m the star of my own mastercard commercial).

I don’t have any revolutionary final thoughts and reflections, I’m just really happy with my decision to not return to camp in favor of getting some experience in the real world. I can only imagine how scared I would be if, upon graduation, I literally had nothing on my resume that resembled office work. And, after proving to myself that I can have a good summer while not at camp (though I certainly missed it) I feel like I went cold-turkey enough to not necessarily need it next summer. Weird.

Now, time to look forward: next week I’m going to New Orleans to visit my friend Schuyler! After that I have a few short weeks and then head up to school for senior year. I’m incredibly excited to use my newly gained PR skills to pump up my job as publicity director of WRBC!