Some PR High Points

I am a person that likes results. I like to be able to point to something, right there, look, I produced that. Concrete end products are endlessly satisfying to me. I’m all for toiling hour after hour, day after day, working hard– but I love seeing how far I’ve come, everything culminating in something that can measure success and progress.

So obviously, I do not live in a fairy land so I know that seeing results and getting credit and all that junk isn’t always possible OR appropriate but it doesn’t mean I like it any less. Perhaps it even makes me crave it more! Anyways, PR is a lot of behind the scenes moving and shaking. You seek out reporters to try and interest them in a client, you answer requests for those searching for experts on a specific topic, you help craft their responses and images to be something, well, worth what they paid for. This is something I’m getting used to– and yet still finding ways to point to exciting results that I had something to do with.

Here are two things that I’ve personally had quite a lot to do with, including but not limited to: contacting the outlets, editing and assisting with the piece itself, sending and confirming with the outlet, and trying to get the pieces well publicized. I hope you like them! I’m pretty proud that after 8 weeks of making lists, sending emails, doing research and writing drafts of things that don’t necessarily go anywhere, I have some real results to look at (and boast about).

Huffington Post: What Massachusetts Alimony Reform Really Means
She Thinks: A Perspective from the East Coast 

There are, of course, countless other things that I’ve had something to do with, be it a press release sent out and later covered, an opportunity to get a client quoted in a publication, making massive charts about who and when something should be sent out, etc. But these I feel very personally connected to, in my own “i’m pointing at this! it’s an end result! I made something happen!” way.

Anyway, I only have two weeks left of my internship! I’ve learned a lot so far, and gained a lot of good experience. But now I’m getting excited to head back to school, though before I’ll be heading down to visit my friend Schuyler in New Orleans for a few days!! That’s the update for now.


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