Calling Israel

That’s what I did this morning. Seriously. And I now think it works as a good analogy for the progress I’ve made working at the Castle Group so far this summer. Let me explain..

Back at the beginning, when I was still scared and sad and had no clue what I was doing, I was asked to call Israel. It was my second day. I will be the first to admit that I am a phone-aphobe. Well, only in situations where I don’t know the person I’m calling or don’t know everything about the situation. I KNOW, I KNOW, grown ups (especially grown ups in the PR industry) cannot be phone-aphobes. Chill out, I’m working on it. I was terrified. The mission was to contact an Israeli business newspaper that is translated and posted online for the English speaking community. We needed an email address for an editor to send an idea to– so could have talked to anyone, as long as they could list the email address of their boss.

I googled “how to call israel from US.” I cross-checked how to make outgoing calls from my office phone. I wrote out a faux script of what I would say. And then..I dialed their switchboard. And… nothing. There was a busy signal. As the reality of the situation set in and the tone pulsated in my ear, I realized, hey, maybe I did all I could do! Maybe I got out of this!

My boss then told me to call every phone number on their contact page. Each last digit I punched in to the phone was accompanied by mumbles of “please don’t work please don’t work” and those mumbles must have worked. None of the calls went through. Whew.

About a week later, I was asked to give it another try. This time, instead of using the specific client billing code for the long distance call, I should just use the general one, because the codes had been acting up lately. Oh no. I proceeded with caution. And when I dialed? REALLY FAST WORDS SPOKEN IN HEBREW THAT I COULDN’T UNDERSTAND!!!!  So the call had gone through! But unfortunately, hebrew is not listed on my CV and therefore I was unable to move forward with the matter.

I’d all but forgotten about Israel when this morning, after finishing my daily scan of news relating to our clients that I send out to the company, my boss sent me an email with a subject line “Israel…” Here I am, six and a half weeks later, and all I needed was the number and a quick reminder of the dialing procedures before I jumped on the phone. Though the call was not answered in English, I began right away with my intro speech and she caught on and began transferring me around. And in the end, I got an email address. As I hung up the call, my boss was walking by and asked, in disbelief “wait, did you get through? Was that actually Israel?”

I was so proud to say “yep” as I hung the phone up with a satisfying crack. So, like I said, this little anecdote has the potential to represent the progress I’ve made so far. Something that was an unsurpassable barrier, a giant behemoth in the way of my success and made my heart beat fast out of anxiety– taken care of before 9:30 am with ease.  I’m making progress!

I mean, come on! When was the last time you called Israel?

And when was the last time your walk to work looked like this?


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