A return to childhood

And by that I mean, to babysitting. Who knew, that after a probable 4 year hiatus, I’m back in the saddle and the saddle is childcare.

So clearly, my summer camp job last summer and the summer before lends itself to childcare, but there’s something so high school to me about taking a night in on someone else’s couch, playing board games and reading goodnight stories; changing diapers and combating tantrums. Sometimes, though, when you’re an unpaid intern and your savings account is dwindling, your affinity to small children can really come in handy.

Since I’ve been away at school, a new family moved into my neighborhood. With young children. The ease of just walking thirty seconds up the driveway makes committing to babysit that much easier– and when there’s two adorable blonde kids waiting for me to play “librarian” or polly pocket, it’s not such a bad night. Here, exhibit A: Will and Sadie

Though it’s certainly an adjustment to spend my evening hours putting on a one woman show to inspire eating dinner, I can’t say I mind. It’s an easy way to make cash and I get a dose of playing with children that I miss because I’m working in an office.

I have changed a little, since high school, I’d like to think though. As the babysitting fees have skyrocketed (clueless me, I thought that the going rate was still $10 an hour??) my interest in being a couch potato has declined. I don’t even know how to turn Sadie & Will’s TV on. Instead, I’m reading a lot. Right now I’m in the middle of Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections. Whew. Heavy but incredible stuff! Makes the time pass quickly and is a great excuse to spend a long while just reading.

Tomorrow night I’m babysitting for another neighbor’s grandkids, who I’ve been sitting for since they were born. It’s been at least 4 years though! The 5 year old is a sweetheart though– look at that face!

Hope you all are staying cool in these hazy days of summer!


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