Normandy Photos

As promised, here are some photos from my weekend in Normandy. Also I might be a little absent next week– I’m leaving for spring break tomorrow! 12 days, three countries. HERE WE GO!

The view from our lunch spot in Bayeux, home of the Bayeux Tapestry.

Sitting at lunch, waiting for crepes!

Cathedral in Bayeux

SOLO SHOT! Me in front of the Cathedral doors

The US cemetery in Normandy

On the beach with Caroline

Above the beach with Caroline

War torn fields near the Point du Hoc

Mont St-Michel behind me. This was taken at 9 am on the side of the road.

There you have it– a sampling of pictures from normandy! Now I must PACK and DECIDE WHAT I AM WRITING MY THESIS ON and DO HOMEWORK and FINALIZE PLANS FOR VACATION. AH!!!


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