Le Petit Dejeuner, or my thoughts on Breakfast

I wouldn’t say that I’ve always been a breakfast person. Well, at least, not in an indulgent way. Cereal in the morning was usually my routine, beginning in elementary school and continuing through high school.

This changed when I got to college. For one thing, I didn’t always make it to breakfast. Okay, I’m going to be honest and say it was a rarity for my first two years of college to have breakfast in the morning, and now, I find that outrageous. Because, dear readers, I’ve fallen in love. With breakfast. Part of this stemmed from lazy Sunday mornings at Bates walking over to the Pop Shoppe, a diner in Lewiston, where I would order two egg over easy with cheese, white toast, and a side of corn beef hash. Typing that order not only makes my mouth water, but also makes me slightly homesick (bates-sick? diner-sick?). Anyways, I began to appreciate again the glory that a morning meal is. Breakfast can make a rough morning a great day. This sounds like a public service announcement but it isn’t, just my raw thoughts on an under-appreciated meal.

Anyway, the location change to Paris this semester has caused my breakfast habits to adjust a little. Here, I eat breakfast at my host family; they leave me the makings of a traditional, simple french breakfast and I eat at my leisure when I wake up in the morning. This consists of tartines, which is yesterday’s bread (so it’s a little hard) with butter and jam, and coffee. Simple, but I find myself looking forward to it as I’m falling asleep. The bread here is so incredibly good, they deserve the reputation. My host family probably goes through four or five baguettes in a day; there’s two parents, three children and me, and we all want bread, and lots of it!

Tartines are great, but on the weekends I like to get out and try some new things to satisfy my hunger. Last weekend, I met with my friend Hannah for brunch at Bastille and, without any idea where to go, we set off in search of sustenance. The first corner we hit was a hip little cafe that had a big sign out front for BRUNCH that was pretty extensive considering it cost 16 euros. We went in, and it was a good choice. Here’s what we received:

YUM! It was apparently an very “English” breakfast, but it delivered all sorts of wonderful things so I was a very big fan.

Today, I went off in search of a similar brunch with my friend Alyssa. We met at St Michel, and set off in search of delicious inclusive brunch, but didn’t have as much success. Everything we found was at least 20 euro and very touristy, so we settled on a sit-down creperie. Guess what? It was not a let down. I was quite pleased with my “Chevrette” crepe– goat cheese, creme fraiche, honey and walnuts, with mixed greens on top and a hot chocolate. Heaven.

I could really get used to this…

I’m sorry if my new found hobby of taking pictures of all the delicious food I eat is causing problems, though the only one I could foresee is jealousy…

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