A Walk Through Paris

This week, after returning from Copenhagen, the weather finally became a little more Parisian and pleasant. Monday was the best– the sun was shining, it almost reached 60 degrees! There was an undeniable happiness on the face of everyone in my class that afternoon, including the professor!

When class ended, it was 3 pm and I didn’t have anything else to do. I decided to attempt something I had yet to try: walking home from school. I live in the 12th, or south east end of Paris. It’s a little out of the way of things, especially the homes of my friends, but it’s next to a big metro stop that has lots of different lines, so I’m definitely not complaining. School is in the 6th, which is on the other side of the Siene, as well as just generally far away from my apartment. For context, my commute via the metro takes about 35 minutes each way. So, I figured I’d take advantage of the day and test out the route. I looked it up on google maps before I left, and made note of the three streets I wanted to turn on (it isn’t a complex walk, merely lengthy). It ended up taking about an hour and fifteen minutes, and when I looked up the distance later, it was 3.8 miles. Totally doable, especially once the sun becomes a little more¬†permanent! Anyways, here are some photos from my walk home through Paris.

Sometimes life is just so hard… Now is not one of those times. I’m young and in beautiful Paris, what more could I ask for??


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