Copenhagen for a weekend? Pour quoi pas!

I took my first training wheels euro trip this past weekend. And let me just say– it was a great success!! This is the last week before classes begin at the Sorbonne, and since most of my friends are taking half of their courses there, it was our last chance to take a trip without homework and other scholarly responsibilities hanging over our heads. So, we logged onto the easyjet website (to those of you who dont know easyjet, it is a budget airline that flies all over europe. my savior) and found the cheapest place to fly from Paris. Copenhagen won! So we went, with nearly no idea of what we’d do, but we went and it was lovely. So… photos?

In CPH, everyone is gorgeous and rides bikes. The weather is usually very brutal winter weather, more like Maine than Paris– but we lucked out. It was only ever grey, no rain, snow or freezing temps.

I had a delicious danish breakfast– the bread there was more substantial than french bread. Not that I’m complaining, but it was a nice change. Also, the produce. How I’ve missed fresh fruits and veggies!!

Much of Copenhagen is around water– crossing bridges means wind wind wind but also very beautiful views.

Like I said before… bicycles. If I were to sum up Copenhagen in a photo, it would be this one.

Standing outside of the coolest part of Copenhagen– Christiana. Check out some info about this place (where I couldn’t take pictures inside!)

Our hotel room comfortably housed 4 girls in a small space–this is because the hotel was designed in the spirit of a cruise ship… on land. Bunk beds on bunk beds, ya dig?

It only took ONE Danish pastry for me to fall in love..

On my last day I was lucky enough to meet up with two Batesie friends, Kaitlin and Brad, who are currently studying in Copenhagen for the semester. We ate soup in a cozy basement restaurant before they showed me their dorm rooms. It was such a pleasant reminder of home, though in a very different location. Hopefully, it is the first of many Bates reunions in Europe.

Well, that was Copenhagen in a nutshell. More adventures to come!

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