I’ve officially been here for two weeks! It’s crazy to think about. This past weekend my program took us to Strasbourg, which is right near Germany. It was a quick ride on the fast TGV train, but once we got there it was very evident how much colder it was! We weren’t really prepared for the freezing temperatures and long, unheated tours. Yeah, it was rough.

But Strasbourg was really beautiful. The buildings all share a very distinctive architecture that is cute and looks antique. There’s a really incredible Cathedral smack dab in the middle of the city that is a beautiful rich dark red brown color and pops out of the other short buildings around it.

After two hours or so in the cold, the only solution was getting extravagant coffees with CHANTILLY!

That night we all had dinner together, and though at first seemed a little too much like terrible high school class trip giant dinners, the atmosphere was authentic and the food was too. Though not something I would have EVER ordered on my own, we got a real taste of Alsace. Our dinner consisted of: 4 different pork products over a hefty pile of sauerkraut. Yummy!

The next day we headed to a museum, and at first thought it wouldn’t be so bad because you know, museums are indoors and…heated. SURPRISE! This museum wasn’t, but it housed some beautiful religious art from a time that I’m not familiar with at all. The museum, Musee Unterlinden, was housed in an old 13th century convent, and you could tell.

After the museum, we headed back to Strasbourg to have lunch and explore Petit France, a small neighborhood in the city. My lunch was delicious and we ate in a cute little tea house that had an upstairs sitting area. In France, eating ham is unavoidable.

I’m getting pretty good at these solo shots right??

Petit France was adorable!

But we were all glad to take the train back in the late afternoon to Paris. It was a short trip but very action-packed. My friends and I considered it our training wheels adventure: we’re going to Copenhagen next weekend for two nights, because classes start at the Sorbonne the week after and it was the cheapest ticket on EasyJet. European living, gotta love it.


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