Living Life as a Parisian: Week 1

This time last week I was checking out of my hotel room at the airport in DC, nervously dragging my meticulously weighed out suitcase through a maze towards an awkward meeting spot for my program, and getting on a bus to begin my semester abroad in France. Today? I guess I’ve been here  for almost a week, and I feel like I’m doing a pretty good job! I’m certain that my french is improving, peu a peu. My host family is great, and meals with them are a great time to practice my french (or just listen as my host sibs argue). I’ve made friends already which is comforting, and I feel like I’ve kind of got this whole thing Paris down (or at least approaching manageable).

This week we mostly have been doing orientation things: registration meetings, methodology classes for our chosen subjects, small walking tours…and last night we saw a ballet! I give you… photos!

This is me awkwardly posing right near the Louvre on the first day. Give me a break, I was very jetlagged! Also it was 50 degrees in January (score).

Unfortunately the weather didn’t hold– the next day when we toured the student districts, it was freezing and drizzling the whole time. This is me, Caroline and Mary in the jardins luxembourg.

Also on the tour, this is a giant giant fountain– St Michel.

Just down a sidestreet- these photos are so easy to angle in paris.

This is the Sorbonne. For real, I go to school here. Well, not here, exactly. In Paris, the classes are all scattered so i’m somewhere else entirely, but I am enrolled here.

One of my friends, Caroline, lives in an apartment without a host family, and so is responsible for all of her own meals. A few of us got together to make dinner and eat with her on Tuesday night. It felt very adult!

For some reason, all of my friends are blonde.

Clare, me, Caroline and Katherine when we went out to dinner before going to see the ballet.

This was originally a “BATES AT THE BALLET” photo– Jonathan, me, and Clare are the three batesies on our program. Mary jumped in at the last minute though. The ballet that we saw was crazy– it was way less of a ballet and more of a spectacle. The music was amazing. But the whole thing was very, very modern. I’d never seen anything like it before. Check out this teaser trailer for it. 

This solo shot is just for you, dear readers. Well, you and my parents. But they are mostly my readers anyways. This was the view from the Theatre National de Chaillot, which was where we saw the ballet. The view is incredible there!

Okay, I have places to be! I’m embarking on my first weekend in Paris and am very ambitious to all I want to see and do. Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures, I’ll keep posting them as I take them.


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