First France Update

So, all you east coasters: it’s 3 am. No, this isn’t another one of those up-late-studying caffeine-fueled posts about my fear of growing up. It’s actually 9 am for me. Because… I’m in Paris. Which is where I’m living. For the next 5 months. OH MY GOD!

It’s all be pretty surreal, from leaving Boston to fly to DC, then staying for a sassy night in a hotel room by myself (I took a bubble bath and ordered room service… I didn’t know what else to do…), then waking up and winding my way through the MOST CONFUSING HOTEL EVER, twice, getting on a bus, meeting 40 strangers, getting through the airport, getting on the plane, flying  to France, de-planing, luggage picking up, and finally ending with a  sketchy mini-van transporting to my host family, at 7 AM. I had no instructions, just a name, a code to get inside, where of course there was no placard that said which apartment was which. I stood like a fool for five minutes scrutinizing over whether or not to knock louder on the door; I didn’t want to wake up any poor unsuspecting french person so early on a Saturday morning!

Anyways, while I thought I was staying in the 7th, that has changed. Now I’m in the 12th with a wonderful family (4 kids and a dog!) but I had prepared myself for the 7th. I’d looked things up. I’d google earthed it. I was ready. This is a different story. But I’m sure i’ll get the hang of it soon enough. Honestly though, I need to take a nap right now or I might just die. Keep an eye out for pictures ASAP!


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