Back at School, or, How turkey time was exactly what I needed

Familiar scene. Back from break, well-rested but still sleepy, clean laundry, excitement of reunions, and most importantly, the huge pile of work that’s been ignored for the past ten days or so. Every single time, I fall victim to this situation: I get way too engrossed in being home and doing homey things that all of the sudden it’s the day I’m going back to school and all that progress I’d planned on making has certainly not… well..progressed. So before I jump into that pile of reading and writing that awaits me, let me give a quick play by play for the last lovely week.

Arrived home Friday evening, Schuyler in tow, both of us dead from stress/work/sleep deprivation. We trade witticisms over chinese take-out and then watch The Kids Are All Right on demand, before an early bedtime. Her flight leaves at some ungodly hour the next day, and after I drop her off in my pajamas at Logan, I promptly go back to sleep for 5 more hours and wake up feeling in full vacation mode.

That night, I was lured out of the comfort of said pajamas (they didn’t come off till 7 or 8 pm) to go into Boston and see some bates grad friends. This happened to turn into the most wholesome evening ever. We baked brownies and watched The Princess Bride. Sounds like an ideal night for a 12 year old right? Well, my friend Eric and I thought it was a perfect choice for us too. Even his roommates who were on their way out for the night paused at our choice of evening entertainment, although I swear it was because they were jealous of the delicious smelling brownies.

I went back, the next day, to watch another movie with a different roommate on the same couch. We watched The Road. What a bummer… I was in no mood for a post-apocalyptic downer. Of all the post-apocalyptic movies I’ve seen (and I watch a lot of them. Guy friends= action and post-apocalyptic movie nights) this one was the least entertaining. Give me some zombies or something! Or battle scenes. Gore! Blood! Anything! That being said, I know that it was a great book and supposedly leaves the viewer/reader with a sense of hope, but I guess I just wasn’t in any sort of mood to take a film like that seriously.

Other things that happened: seeing a high school friend who had been studying abroad in Australia, having lunch with my boss from this summer (we traded stories of heartbreaks and dissected my career options), getting my field hockey team from high school together to have an annual lunch with our coach (who is 7 months pregnant!!), thanksgiving eating, more eating, pies, more pies, relatives, more relatives, and more high school reunions.

I think the stuff around Thanksgiving gets fuzzy because it is surrounded by a haze of tryptophan-induced sleepiness. Also deliciousness. I may have eaten approximately half of a pecan pie over the past three days. Jealous?

I guess if I had to put this break into one word it would be reunions. There are so many people that I have met over the years that I don’t get to see often, and when those few precious opportunities arise, it’s so lovely to catch up and ease right back into old routines and inside jokes. Stories from high school or a summer job still resonate and make us laugh so hard we almost cry, and the same songs that made me dance my butt off at… prom still get the same reaction when played in the right company.

Now that I’ve taken a nice distracted break from the aforementioned pile of work, it can no longer be ignored. Two weeks of classes, one week of finals. 5+ papers, three exams, WRBC Trivia Night, a WRBC concert (the Hood Internet and The Knocks)… better dive right in!


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