Okay, here it is. 2 AM Friday, the day Bates lets out for Thanksgiving break. Why am I awake you may ask? Well, my answer lies in a very clever man who died roughly 400 years ago: Shakespeare. I have a 10 page, evil, daunting Shakespeare paper due at 5pm– the Friday before break! It’s the last task I have to complete after what seems like a whirlwind couple of weeks. But of course, this paper isn’t the only thing I’ve had going on this week. So, I just now finished it. (don’t worry, mom, I will be editing it more tomorrow when my eyes are fresh!)

But can you blame me? There’s been so many great things going on this week! Like Harvest Dinner, where Commons is transformed into an autumnal banquet hall and students line up at 4 pm for gourmet thanksgiving-style meals. There’s a band, raffles, gelato, CHEESE PLATES!!! Everything you could want in life. And then just when your stomach literally is paralyzing you by how full it is, it’s time to walk next door to the grey cage, for dessert and the annual Trashion show, where students design and model fashions made from recycled material for awesome prizes. So there’s one excuse.

After Harvest Dinner, I caught the last Language Arts Live of the semester: Ander Monson. He writes all sorts of things: poetry, fiction, non-fiction. He read two poems and then an essay for us, and I really loved the way he read his work– at first I thought he had a slight southern drawl, until he told us he was from Michigan. He moved to the essay with the intention of “lightening things up.” The essay, called “Well That’s the One Thing We Got,” was written about a youtube video of a college a cappella group singing “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Deep Blue Something. If you’ve read a few of my posts before, you might remember that I love a cappella. Almost to an unhealthy degree. So as he projected the video in question on a screen, and played the clip intermittently as he read, I got the shivers like I often do when I listen to good cheesy music. (Let’s make this more embarrassing with full disclosure: I call them my “glee chills” as a tribute to how often they occur while watching GLEE) He said the video was a 2007 performance of a group from UMass. Being from the fair state of Massachusetts, probably one tenth of the kids I went to high school go there. Including some of my friends. Including some of my friends who sing a cappella. Including one of my friends who sings a cappella in the group that was, at this moment, being projected on a small screen in Chase Hall to a room of 30 or so people laughing at the spectacle. So the moral of this story was that later I asked my friend if he knew that this story had been written, published, about this video of his group– if anyone in the group knew. They didn’t. There’s something almost voyeuristic that this story existed without them realizing. Inspired by merely a video on youtube, not even an extraordinary video,  watched over 200 times by this wonderfully quirky professor at University of Arizona… Weird.

While I tried to buckle down, again Thursday I was bombarded with all sorts of fun and interesting things to do!

During lunch, we sold our new WRBC t-shirts and tank tops for the first time. While we were worried how they would be received, we SOLD OUT by the end of dinner tonight. I was selling at lunch with my friend Ali and we were in awe of how much money was rolling in (which made us very happy– we had to front the money for the tshirts ourselves). I called our treasurer after lunch ended and said “Hey, i have $340 what should I do with it?” “$340?? From what? Why?? Huh??” “From tabling. It went really well.” “GREAT SUCCESS!!!” Or something along those lines…

The final little highlight of thursday evening was the 9:45 Harry Potter themed a cappella concert that packed Chase Lounge with people– some dressed in HP attire, as they were headed straight to the midnight movie afterwards. The Merimanders and the Deansmen performed, and looked the part, the Deansman wearing “dress robes” (their traditional tuxedos with CAPES!) and the Meris dressed like hogwarts students, complete with wands. They sang the theme of HP together, than each sang a few tunes. The Meris went above and beyond by changing the words of their songs to be Harry-appropriate.

Sadly, after that, it was paper time. It still is sort of paper time…


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