Fall One Acts– From the eye of a producer

This weekend the Robinson Players put on our annual fall one acts. Usually, this consists of a few ten to fifteen minute plays directed by those with experience and those just trying it out, featuring actors of the same spectrum. For the past two years, I’ve been in the fall one acts, but this year, I was so busy with Fuddy Meers earlier in the semester that jumping into another show seemed like too much. But that makes it more fun for me, to be honest. Because, as a board member for the Rob players, I get to show up during tech week, make notes, preview the shows, see the moments the public doesn’t get to see, without the nerves and responsibility of performing all weekend.

This year, there was an overwhelming number of plays proposed by mostly new directors. Not wanting to discourage this sudden and exciting onset of interest in the Rob Players, we agreed to put on 5 plays. This is more than usual. Especially considering that we were in the smaller Black Box theater, due to scheduling conflicts. Lots of actors, props, furniture, and tech cues made it all a very… zany experience. My friend (and director of every show ever, including Fuddy Meers) Michelle ran all the tech for this, she’s a superhero. Not to mention we both had an exam in the middle of it all that merited quite a lot of freaking out… But it all turned out so well! The constraints of seating lead to super full houses for the actors to perform for, always a good sign. I had to listen from the booth because there wasn’t room for me to watch in the theater on opening night!!

The plays performed were:

“Chocolate” by Frederick Stroppel

“Mental Reservation” by Roger Cornish

“Death Knocks” by Woody Allen

“Hardy Boys and the Mystery of Where Babies Come From” by Christopher Durang

“Different” by Lisa Soland

Hopefully all the new, younger students that got involved in this project will continue with theater and especially with Rob players! We always love new people because they come with their own unique set of ideas. We need their support, considering all the exciting things coming up including the Vagina Monologues, a spring Musical, and a short term children’s show! Whew!

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