Hotel Universe

Last night I saw the theater department’s fall mainstage show: Hotel Universe. As with all mainstage shows, the direction, acting, design and production value was very impressive. At Bates, we have two mainstage theaters and one black box, but this show was put on in the smaller of the two: Gannet theater. Working with a smaller space invites creativity in staging the show; what Hotel Universe did was really play with the space and made something very interesting to look at.

My friend Schuyler was totally the star. And by star I mean amazing female lead. The show was also two seniors’ thesis show for their acting thesis. Serious business. The cast was small, only 9 students. The makeup of that group was very odd, as  well… it was half freshmen and half seniors– nothing in between. Even so, all cast members filled their role very well; the freshmen did not appear shy or less experienced than their older counterparts.

The show was a bit of a psychological drama- as it unfolded, things became more and more eerie and complicated, but ultimately were resolved. The actors had the difficult job of playing a part that stays in the same setting, but transcends that time and place at some points.

It’s funny because  I’d been hearing about this show from the very beginning of school– every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning when I go to the gym with Schuyler she would share a day to day concern or status check on her lines or a scene she was worried about…And yet, now i realize that she must have been censoring herself for the sake of my own discovery of the play when I actually saw it. There was so much more to Hotel Universe than I had thought– I’m still actually digesting it.

There are still two more performances, log on to if  you happen to be in the area and want to see some great theater!

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