Fuddy Meers

It’s finally here! The big weekend where the show that I’ve been working on the whole time I’ve been at school has started performing! We had our first show last night, and it went really well! There were a few little hiccups, lines dropped, reordered, a pen that flew out of my hand and out the window… But the director, Michelle was really amped! I’m super glad. Being good friends with your director makes for a lot of pressure– I want this to be great for her after she’s worked so hard! Since we are performing in the black box theater, there are only 36 seats, meaning that it’s always a packed house. The stage is so small that the actors are really in the audience members’ space and vice versa. This was a little alarming on opening night!

Most of the cast members have family up to see the show tonight which is really exciting. This cast has been so much fun, and I’ve really made great friends in the process of perfecting a play. Always a plus. Shoutout to Marketa and Hallie: the three female parts are played by girls in different grades, but we’ve formed a trifecta and have a thousand inside jokes together and can usually be found trying desperately not to inappropriately crack up backstage. This is of course, to be expected when we’ve been spending ALL of our time together in a tiny room working on the play for 5 weeks.

Anyways, gotta get ready for tonight’s show! There will be a judge for a theater festival we’ve been nominated for at the performance, so I’m a little nervous about that… but I’m sure it’ll go well! Check out the write ups about the show: here and here!


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