Firsts Week of Classes, check!

The first (official) weekend of the semester… and it feels just like home already. I’m already freaking out about getting to all of my meetings, rehearsals, and classes as well as doing all the reading and homework I’ve been assigned.

My schedule this semester is really convenient. I don’t have any morning classes, which really gives me a chance to take advantage of the earlier hours that some students spend still sleeping. Wednesday was my first installment of what I’m sure I’ll be considering a pre-1800 english massacre. I have two classes, Shakespeare and English Literary Renaissance, in a row. In the same classroom. If I don’t die, I think some other possible consequences could be: I start speaking entirely in iambic pentameter, utilize a lot of ‘thee’s and ‘thy’s and ‘thou’s, become welded with my desk, or decide to open a Shakespearean acting company. Not to say I’m not excited– as an English major, it is just these types of classes that really rouse my mind and get me thinking. My professors are passionate, intelligent, and very aware of the material, so I guess, truthfully, I’m just looking forward to the literary double feature.

That night, I had an officers meeting for the Outing Club. We all were really psyched to be planning a full fall calender of BOC events, including the bi-annual Clam Bake and the advance outing to our lean-to.

Next up, Thursday: Human Reproduction. The final requirement! This will be the last science class I ever take, and I’m going to be honest and say I’m pretty interested in the syllabus of the anthro/bio class. It was super hard to get into, a fight until the finish, but it looks like an great science class with relevant information for real life. Also, the professor is a new mother so she will definitely have a unique take on the information.

My hardest class, or at least the one that has me shaking in my boots, my class on Ulysses, is held Tuesdays, so I have yet to attend the seminar. The professor sent us an email though, which was so artfully written that I almost didn’t notice the 200 pages of reading we were assigned… awesome!

But I’m really pleased to be in the middle of the rush of school again. I can’t wait to be set in a routine where I get all of my things in order.

By the way, the leaves are already turning! The most beautiful time in Maine is here!


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