Things to look forward to:

Today, I booked a flight to New Orleans for a few days to visit a friend a week before I go back to school. This is incredibly exciting to me. I find that it helps when you have wonderful things to look forward to, and not in a way that leaves you wishing away the current situation, but one that leaves a hint of excitement lingering in your not-so-distant future, smiling and shining at you as encouragement. That might not have made any sense. But that’s my philosophy.

I haven’t done a lot of solo-traveling, so this jaunt down south will be a new and educational experience. Maybe a practice round for all the traveling I’ll be doing winter semester, running around Europe? I think so! I’m going to be staying with my friend and fellow Batesie Schuyler, who is an elegant southern belle, of course.

I remember last summer, after work ended, I still had three weeks until school started and, once most of my friends from home started heading back to school early, I was stuck with NOTHING to do but sit around eagerly awaiting Bates. Now, at least, I’ll have something super exciting to fill the space between work and school. And, it isn’t a bad thing to look forward to for the next three weeks!


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