Filling Fake Summer

I don’t start work until July 6. JULY SIXTH. I got home from school on May 30. That gives me the ENTIRE month of June with nothing on my plate– no responsibilities, no plans, nowhere to go… This may sound appealing, but let me tell you that this period of time, known among my friends from home as “fake summer” gets boring. Fast. It’s a question of finding worthy pursuits, making plans where there are none, seeking out babysitting or other filler work. So that’s what I’ve done. And in about a half hour, I’ll be heading to Montreal for the weekend!

This is very exciting for me, because the last time I went it was during October break, and it was with 9 other Batesies. Check out that post here. Anyways, this trip is only with one friend from home, and we won’t be staying at a hostel (instead a real house!! FOR FREE!!!) but I definitely feel more prepared to have a great time in the bustling city. Last night as I was packing, I was going through all the cards and papers that I’d saved from October. Despite the rain, we really made it all over the place. One afternoon was spent walking down streets that were filled with art galleries and we stopped in every one. I have all those cards still! It’s a great way to piece together the journey we made over a vacation.

This trip will certainly be different than my first Canadian adventure– but I have high hopes that it will be equally satisfying.

And hopefully there will be more silly photos taken on Olympic podiums. Like this one.