Home again, home again

So I’m officially half way done with college. That’s totally wild to think about. I arrived home yesterday and am having such a serious Bates withdrawal that I spent my afternoon in a doctor’s office. Well, maybe it’s a mix of Bates withdrawal and my immune system finally throwing in the towel after making it all the way through short term without breaking down.

So, I’m home. I’m sick. I haven’t unpacked.

The last week of school, as per usual, was a mixture of lots of fun and lots of sadness. In addition to saying goodbye to the graduating seniors, this year I experienced a new sort of goodbye: the abroad switch. Somewhere around 60% of Bates students study abroad, and most of that is Junior year. I’ll be spending my spring semester in Paris next year, (hopefully!) but the college makes sure that the students studying abroad are split equally between the two semesters. That means when I was saying some of my goodbyes, they were those of “see you senior year??” That’s kind of scary. Lucky for me, most of my close friends are going in the spring, but there are a few key people that for whatever reasons will be away in the fall.

Maybe that will make the reunion that much sweeter? Tales from abroad, plus filling in on all the Bates stories from the semester that was missed? Then again, abroad supposedly changes people (in a good way, or at least an awakening way) and what if some people come back and are very different? Like different to the point of unfamiliar? This is all happening very far in the future, but it’s something that came up frequently in the saying of goodbyes.

Anyways, congrats class of 2010 for graduating! Where did the year go??


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