Short term, concerts, hooray!

Short term is well underway, and I’m already finding my favorite things filling each of my days. I’m really enjoying my class, learning about the theories of Brecht on theater and reading plays etc. But, this past Monday I did something very quintessentially short term to me, and I wanted to share.

On Monday, i went down to Boston and joined a great Bates crew at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston to see Yeasayer. SO AMAZINGLY GOOD! My friend Meredith and I had bought tickets during first semester, so this concert had been something to look forward to for a long time. The opening band, Sleigh Bells, actually opened for Major Lazer when I saw them three weeks ago, so it was an extra special musical opportunity.

I had an amazing time! Yeasayer was so great, and they played a mix of their old stuff and their newest album, Odd Blood. The band has done a lot in the past year, and they’ve become pretty famous. Interestingly enough, WRBC brought Yeasayer to play a small show on a Thursday night in the fall of my freshman year. Their opener, Chairlift, was a nobody until the week before their performance when an ipod commercial aired featuring their song Bruises. Basically, it was another instance in which my dear and beloved Bates College radio station has been really on top of things when it comes to concerts. But it was really nice to see Yeasayer again, in a professional context at a real-life club, with half of the board of directors of WRBC there to nod along in agreement at the great booking from the year before.

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