SHORT TERM, and a little bit of Maine College love

Hello and welcome to Short term 2010. Already a week has gone by? I can’t even believe it. Just like last year, I’m finding myself with seemingly tons of free time, but never having a second to spare! I really like my class, Politics in theater. I already had to write a paper, though! Anyways, I’ve been doing very short term-y things lately- spending hours in commons, steering clear of the library, going to lounge at Range pond… So lovely! For a while, the weather wasn’t cooperating with us (to all prospective students who came up for accepted students day— the weather was such a bummer… it’s not usually like that!!!) but luckily it got beautiful just in time for the weekend.

I spent today outside having a blast– but it was at Bowdoin. A great thing about being a small liberal arts school in Maine is that you’ve got two other friends nearby– Colby and Bowdoin. This is a great resource when it comes to CONCERTS. Often, our events are open to the public and students from Colby and Bowdoin will come down to see the cool act. In this same way, I’ve had the pleasure now twice of heading up to Bowdoin to see a sick show. Last fall, we got to see Deerhunter in an amazingly intimate venue (their student center) with a TINY crowd, for FREE! And today, for their annual Ivies weekend, I hung out and saw PASSION PIT, COOL KIDS and REEL BIG FISH, again, all free. Just a thirty minute drive away, all my friends got in cars and caravanned into Brunswick. Now, I don’t know ANYONE at Bowdoin, but we all got checked by Bowdoin students who offered to get us in as their guests. Super great. Everyone was outside, all day, having a great time. The concert was held on their football field, with a stage set up and one end, and the dance floor forming on the outdoor track (by the way, a great surface to dance on!) I had SO MUCH FUN! And, just like the last time I saw Passion Pit, they covered the Cranberries again. It went a little like this.

Short term, short term. What adventures will week 2 have in store for me?? We’ll see…


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