Spring Break Refreshed

That’s precisely how I feel right now. I’m totally and utterly calm and content and refreshed, eagerly awaiting driving back to school on Sunday to meet the best part of the Bates academic year: SHORT TERM.

After four wonderful days spent in Puerto Rico snorkeling, swimming, and sitting in the sun, I’m a little sunburned and missing Bates for sure. I was staying on the Southwest Coast in a little town called Guanica, but despite the beautiful weather, bright blue oceans and numerous palm trees (seemingly a paradise) I was craving Range Pond, Popham Beach, the Puddle and all my other favorite places to spend short term.

I’m taking “politics in theater” which, actually, is an English class! There’s only 6 students or so enrolled, so I’m really excited for a great discussion-based, intimate classroom environment. It meets three days a week from 10am-12pm, so I’ll have lots of time to do other fun things! I keep thinking about how wonderful everything was last year; I hope this year is just the same! (or better, even).

Good luck on all final admissions decisions, potential Batesies! And keep an eye out for my dispatches from SHORT TERM 2010.


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I'm a senior at Bates College getting ready for thesis and the real world!

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