Stress, and how to deal with it

Today is the last day of classes for the Winter semester! I’ve only got one lecture left, and then finals, between me and spring break! Already there’s this concentrated feeling of stress among the students on campus. The library is packed, Pgill is packed, the school printers are in a continuous state of printing, running off final senior theses and essays and lab reports alike. And while this environment may sound unpleasant to say the least, I happen to absolutely adore finals week. There’s this wonderful “we’re all in it together” feeling; no matter how many late-nights you spend in pgill, there’ll always be someone spending it with you. I find that with this end of the semester increase of stress, so increases the sense of community andĀ camaraderie.

On top of my fond feelings towards the idea of finals week, this semester, for me, seems to be even more do-able than normal. At the beginning of the week, I made a list of all the things that I needed to do. I only have one exam, on Tuesday; all of my other classes have final papers. So, in my organizational frenzy, I created a “getting work done” schedule that accomplished everything in advance. This means that I already have created a draft of my final french essay, passed it into my professor for corrections, made those corrections, and passed in a final copy of it today. The best part? It’s due in a week. There’s this incredible feeling you get when you realize you’re on top of your game. I mean, I’m not saying I’ll stay with my extremely ambitious schedule that allows me to go home on Tuesday afternoon following my final. But it means that I won’t be stressed about my work, because I’ve planned out my time in a way that gives each assignment it’s due attention. Here’s to a successful finals week, and end of the semester!

PS. Tonight is the opening of the Senior studio-art majors honors theses at the Bates College Museum of Art. Check out a preview of the 16 students’ work here!


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