4 (in) One Acts!

They’re here! The Robinson Players presented Spring one-acts last night for the first of three performances. What a great success! After a pretty stressful techweek, I’m glad that we’re performing and things are going well.

Five directors worked hard to put on 4 plays, in the thick of the terrible stressful March.

KNOCK THREE TIMES Directed by Elizabeth Castellano ’12 & Jennifer Lindelof  ’12, BOTTICELLI Directed by Glynnis Nadel ’10, TODAY’S SPECIAL Directed by Gavin Segal-Abrahms ’11, and STILL ALARM Directed by Thomas Koshy ’13.

The best part about these one-acts is that a bunch of new people have gotten involved. At the Robinson Players, the student theater organization at Bates, we love when people decide on a whim to try out theater! It’s been great to have a lot of first-years involved as well.

I did a lot of organizing when we were choosing the plays and directors, but since then I’d been pretty hands-off. While I was credited in the program as “producer” (ISN’T THAT INCREDIBLY COOL/OFFICIAL??), the real shining star in the production of these polished one-acts was Michelle Schloss ’12, our tech director. Michelle somehow coordinated a thousand things like painting and music and stage preparation and scene changes and even a fog machine– things that I literally have no concept how to do. She was so wonderful–thank goodness we have her!

There is another performance tonight at 7:30 and then Saturday at 2– we had to make it early in preparation for the All College Gala !!!!! You can be certain that I will be posting a blog where I gush about how beautiful it all was ASAP. Happy Weekend!


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