First Concert as WRBC board member

This past Wednesday I had a big learning experience– my first concert where, as a WRBC board member, I was actually responsible! The concert was Hey Mama, a great band that’s currently touring up a storm in New England. Because most of the senior board are busy with their senior theses, this concert was entirely put to the newly elected board, all sophomores. We were all excited to learn, but I know that I was nervous. As the publicity director, I felt very responsible for the turn out. It was a Wednesday night and I know many people had midterms. I’d been sending out emails, plastering up posters, and sitting at the entrance of commons every meal to get the word out about the show. By some miracle, more than 85 people showed up! It was such a great show, I stomped my feet so hard they hurt the next morning! Lead singer Celia Woodsmith’s voice was divine– once she started singing (and sometimes playing the washboard!!) no one could stop dancing.

It was tough though, especially considering that after the concert ended all I wanted to do in preparation of my 8 am the next morning was go to bed. We had to take down all of the equipment, and bring it across campus to put it away. I was basically sleepwalking by the end. But it was a good experience!

Now comes the real test! Tonight, WRBC presents Toro Y Moi, Washed Out, and Small Black. This concert is bigger– three bands, a professional sound guy, lots of student interest… It’s going to be a lot of work, but definitely a lot of fun.

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