Trivia Night Preparations!

Coming back from February break, a great Bates tradition looms over the weekend– one that, for me, has suddenly become incredibly important. I’m talking about TRIVIA NIGHT. WRBC holds a competition every year (this is the 31st annual!) that starts at 8pm and goes until 6 am, where teams of students tune in to 91.5 fm all night vying for points by answering trivia questions and performing ridiculous physical challenges.

This year’s Trivia Night is this Friday, February 26. This is the first big event that newly elected WRBC board members (myself DEFINITELY included) have to work on. I’ve been sending emails, making phone calls to local businesses for prize donations, and thinking up crazy trivia questions all week.

Trivia night is a well-loved campus event, and tons of people participate. I’m so excited to be in thick of it on Friday– staying up all night, answering phones, judging physical challenges… I just hope I can make it until the morning!

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