Tyler Fish ’96 and the Journey to the North Pole

Saturday, January 30, I ate an early dinner and ran over to Chase Hall lounge where Tyler Fish, class of ’96, was giving a talk about his amazing journey: the first unsupported, unassisted American expedition to the North Pole. WOAH!

This year is the Bates Outing Club’s 90th anniversary, and Mr. Fish’s talk was our kickoff event in the year-long celebration that will bring current students together with BOC alums in trips and all other things B-O-C. The highly attended talk filled up fifteen minutes before it began, and despite moving in every chair we could get our hands in, people had to line the walls, sitting, leaning, doing anything to get a glimpse of Tyler talking in front of a projected slide show.

Okay, first thing’s first. That’s probably the coolest thing I’ve heard about in a while. And seeing the photos? And the videos? And hearing the first-hand commentary on all of them? FROM SOMEONE WHO WENT TO BATES AND WAS IN THE SAME CLUB THAT I WAS IN!?! Like I said, the coolest thing in a while.

Tyler’s talk was inspirational and really got to something that, because of the BOC, I totally understood. He talked about why he did it. Why he and his partner dragged 600 pounds of gear in two sleds each over unpredictable, icy territory for 55 days without showering and eating mostly bacon, butter, nuts and chocolate. At least what I got from him, is that it’s this feeling you get when you just get OUT THERE. The outdoors are such a gift, and through organizations like the Bates Outing Club, anyone can grab on and appreciate them!

The talk ran a little over an hour, and even President Hansen was there. I was so glad I went- but I was even more glad to be a part of the same club that Tyler had been in while he was at Bates. The BOC was what Tyler stuck with, throughout changing majors and friends, the BOC was always there for him. Clambakes, hiking trips, and forming relationships with other people who share the same passion for getting out there and having fun. What a great experience!

Check out Tyler’s website for more information and pictures! HERE!


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