So Bates

So last Friday, I did something I really never thought I’d do. Something that is SO BATES, but seemed SO SCARY. Well, guess what, I jumped in the puddle anyway!

The second week of second semester is Winter Carnival, where the Chase Hall Committee and the Bates Outing Club put on tons of sweet events all week long, culminating on ¬†Friday afternoon’s annual dip in frozen Lake Andrews (affectionately known as the Puddle). Last year, my freshman dorm was right next to the Puddle, and I watched eagerly the whole time as my peers jumped in the hole cut in the ice, each looking more crazy than the last! I was wearing coats and scarves and mittens and drinking hot cocoa and could definitely not understand how these people could strip down and dive in. I should have taken advantage of having my own lovely steamy shower a hundred yards away from the icy pond, because let me tell you, Frye street is a LONG, CHILLY, clumsy walk back after all that.

Anyways, this year, I decided to take the plunge, literally, holding 4 or 5 of my friends’ hands so we’d all go in together. I’m so proud to say that I did it! I really do feel like it’s something you HAVE to do while you’re at Bates, and I’m pumped I’ve gotten it out of the way– with photos to prove it!


Art Commons Event!

Today, Art Commons had its second semester opening event. For a refresher of what art commons is, check out my blog Addition of Art Commons!

It was a great showing! We started at 4:15 and went strong until 6 pm, with tons of students, faculty and staff coming in and hanging out. Commons donated cookies and drinks, DJ Kid Consumption (a fellow student interested in the cause) played music in the back, and of course paints were put out and everyone added to the murals.

The goal was to get students and staff in the space, remind them that it exists, and encourage them to come in during our weekly hours. Each time we bring people in, the atmosphere is so positive and artistic and at the end the walls look even more inspired and intricate. So wonderful!

We even had someone from the Bates Student interviewing all of the monitors of the space. It’s really thrilling to see Art Commons finally catching on!

Another new thing for Art Commons this semester is workshops. Each monitor (there are 12 of us!) will be holding at least one workshop of their choice during their shift. Monitors are given freedom for what they want to do; hopefully things like figure drawing, abstract painting, etc will be offered. Of course, since I’m not at ALL artistic, I’ll be doing crafty things. My first idea is tie-dye… I LOVE TIE-DYE! We’ll be advertising the workshops as just a further initiative to get the word out about the space.

This is just a great example of student initiatives at Bates actually accomplishing things. If you have the idea, it’s really possible to wonderful things.

Concert Review

Read a concert review I wrote for our radio station’s music blog, the WRBC Monkey !

Back at Bates again!

Oh what an exciting night it is. After being away for three weeks, Bates college has come together again in anticipation of second semester beginning. I arrived here early this morning, after a good but just-long-enough vacation. I spent the break catching up on sleep, spending time with my family outside of San Diego, and seeing old friends from high school… the whole time keeping in touch with my friends from school, wishing we could be with one another.

So now here we are! My house is abustle with excitement- many juniors who lived here last semester have gone abroad and there are new people moving in and getting settled. While I’m sad and missing those who are having adventures in foreign lands, the new faces are all friendly and foreshadow a great semester.

Can’t wait for classes to start tomorrow– I already have homework for my Lunar and Planetary Science class! Great to be back.