Finals Frenzy/ Snowy Situation

Welcome to Finals Week, actually one of my favorite times of the Bates semester. Yes, lots of work. Yes, stressful. BUT! Without classes to attend, everyone camps themselves in their own study nooks and basically establishes homes there– I’ll admit to leaving my books and things in a comfy chair in the library for about 6 hours while I went home and did other various errands only to return to my coveted spot and continue studying. But it’s fun! When you’re in Pgill at 3 in the morning writing your last paper of the semester with all of your friends similar situations, and  you haven’t slept for two days, suddenly a much needed surprise dance party is just what the doctor ordered. These type of guerrilla Dance parties are very common, late night in study areas during finals week! I’m not overwhelmed with work, but I will be taking two difficult tests next week. I’m excited to go through all my notes and readings from the semester, refreshing all the cool things I learned.

Another IMPORTANT part about this week is the fact that there’s SNOW! YES FINALLY! Wednesday was our first snow storm of the winter. I’d forgotten what Bates looked like with snow piled up on all the surfaces. It’s beautiful to be certain!I even busted out my long down coat, because the temperature has been dropping lately. I’m so happy I get to indulge in all my winterwear… I’m such a dork for hats and scarves!

Back to the books…


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