Back at Bates, just in time

I had really been looking forward to Thanksgiving break– I was so busy with schoolwork, plays, and other commitments that I was relying on the relaxing week at home to rejuvenate me in time for the finals crunch. And it totally did. Bates has amazing vacations; March is the only month  where students don’t get some time off– all of the others have breaks!

Anyways, because I had two or three days of break more than most of my friends from home, I was able to take the beginning of the week to just catch up on sleep, go for appointments, and spend time with my family. It was great to reunite with all of my high school friends though, especially considering it is the time when everyone is figuring out their majors and what they want to do. I will admit though, most of their majors were complicated seven word things that related to like geography and environmental political planning… I offered a one word response “ENGLISH.”

Everyone was busy with schoolwork, though. We even took over a room at the Winchester Public Library on Friday to write essays on a variety of subjects from a variety of classes at a wide range of colleges. I was very busy working on the second and final paper for my Anthro/Religion course on Ancient Greece. I’m writing about social myth and testimony at a sanctuary for Asklepius, and how a story involving tattoos makes significant remarks about social status. Thank goodness I spent the time over the break though, because now I have other things to think about: FINALS. They’re looming in the distance, but tonight, as all of my friends were gradually arriving back on campus, no one was thinking about the giant tests and the end of the semester. Everyone was just glad to be back, me included. The rest and relaxation of home is nice, for a little while, but Bates and the people here are just as important to me.


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