Extracurricular Theater+School=?

Tonight I am acting in a performance, but instead of for the Robinson Players, the student theater organization, it’s for the Directing Class. The theater department offers many experience-based courses in addition of their lecture courses, including Beginning Acting, Advanced Acting, Acting for the Camera, Directing, and Directing for the Camera among others. Around the end of fall semester, the Directing course culminates in an evaluation of a play they have directed. The first performance, just before Thanksgiving recess (TONIGHT!!!) is a traditional proscenium performance. Then, once we return from break, it is reblocked, for an arena setting, and then performed again right before finals.

This year, there are 5 students in the class, each of whom directed a “hospital play.” My director, Michelle, was the first director I had at Bates when we were both first years, last fall. Last year, I also participated in the directing class shows, but the class had 16 people in it– I had to be in two just so each show could get fully cast!

This show has really crept up on me, but last night at dress rehearsal everything was going so well that I’m sure tonight will be a success! Next step: HOME!

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