Art Commons: It’s ALIVE!

All the hard work from winter semester, continuing into short term has finally paid off: Tuesday marked our first official ART COMMONS meeting! Art Commons is a student art space that stemmed from the Art-In, a demonstration of how the empty Old Commons building could be a perfect place for student art. After the art-in, Bates gave us a chance with Rowe Room, and we had a big opening during short term where tons of students painted the walls and made the space feel more lived in and comfortable. This year, after meeting with a lot of deans, and a lot of different committees we finally got access and the green light to get Art Commons active in the 2009-2010 school year.

We’ve decided to structure the space to being open about 24 hours a week, broken up into 2 two-hour shifts each night, Sunday through Friday. Our meeting Tuesday was to explain this process to interested students, and to ask them to PLEASE apply for a monitor position. Each two hour shift will be supervised by an Art Commons Monitor, a key-holding student selected by the three managerial club members (myself, Charlotte Brill, and Matt Reynolds). Their job is to open the space up for others to come in and use it, and to keep an eye on what happens. It’s also super exciting when you have a key to something official on campus. But maybe that’s just me being a dork…

We’ve received many applications, which is really great news for us ! We’re really hoping for Art Commons just to keep growing and keep gaining momentum… the student interest in art exists, it’s just a question of translating it into something that can work well at Bates! I’m so happy to be a part of this!



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