Most Magnifique Montreal

This week following October break has proved very busy for me– the short breathe of relaxation in the form of a Canadian journey seems now only a memory in light of the two shows I’m rehearsing for at the moment (one goes up Friday!), the  art space I helped create that opens to the student body this week, and the debate I have in my Psychology of Personality class.

Still, the trip was awesome! I was less enthusiastic than most of my friends to go; it seemed like a lot of money and a lot to pull together last minute. We had 9 girls crossing into another country; I am first to admit I had less than lots of confidence. Somehow though we really pulled it off!

We got there Wednesday night, and we were staying in a private 9-person room at a hostel. Yes, that means three sets of triple bunk beds. The hostel, Montreal Backpackers Globetrotter Hostel, was awesome. I’d never stayed in a hostel and was very worried. The place was really clean, friendly, and affordable. We were able to spend our down time (which for the record there wasn’t much of) in our own sort of home base, very comfortable.

We spent our days fighting the weather, which wasn’t too great, seeing the sights, walking the streets and even examining exotic insects at the Botanical Gardens. We spent our nights running around the city seeing concerts and meeting new people. We also ran into at least 10 other Batesies. Clearly Montreal is a destination… I definitely recommend making the trek at some point in your Bates career!

Back to the grind….

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