Finally Finished!

As everyone has been experiencing the midterm crunch this week, I was reasonably let off easy with just one paper– or so I  thought.

My big assignment before  the freedom of October break was writing my first paper in my Anthropology/Religion course on Ancient Greek Mythology, Magic and Gods. Really interdisciplinary, right? The class, ANRE 225, is awesome. All the myths and stories that I’ve been hearing all my life suddenly have greater dimensions added, when coupled with specifically selected readings of anthropological theory. Instead of just accepting that myths and traditions seem quirky and unique, now everything means something: which God said what to who, what was sacrificed and how the sacrifice took place, through what vehicle the worship occured… etc.

That being said, because it is an anthro class, as well as a religion class… about ANCIENT GREECE, there were certain things that made writing this paper difficult. In the first place, picking what to write about was a challenge. It was a case where the professor just left a blank space for us– “write an analytical essay”. Period. Just anything in the entire sphere of the class. I was super lost, without any kind of direction until I went to his office hours and we talked out my wide variety of possible topics that I’d selected. It was settled, then: I would focus on private rituals in the home focused on Hestia, or the hearth, and then analyze what these rituals meant to the Greek people that practiced them.

The synthesis of historic data, anthropological theories, and my own personal analysis was a difficult process to be sure. I worked all of last week and much of this weekend on it — I even spent my Saturday night in PGill reading articles and collecting data! Still, last night around 10pm when I finally finished, I felt so relieved, so proud! There was this enormous weight lifted from my shoulders;  the last thing I had to do was done! Fall break, here I come!

The next step is heading to Montreal with 9 other girls for three days of crazy… we’ll see what happens when Bobcats go international??


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