Good Morning, Sun

Yesterday morning I got up at 5:30 AM. What? WHY? This is the common reaction. However, I got up, headed out in order to go on an Outing Club trip, in fact my favorite type, a Sunrise Paddle.

This trip consists of waking up about an hour before the sun, when all of Bates is sleeping, and meeting up at the Boat Barn on Frye Street, where we load up the trailer with canoes and head out towards Lake Auburn, about 15 minutes away. There’s usually a lot of people signed up for these early morning adventures, with the promise of delicious breakfast at Nezinscot coupled with a perfect view of the sunrise the major draws, however, often times people can’t bear to wake up with their alarms, and only a few braves souls make it out.

We loaded up and made our way out, everyone acknowledging that it was FREEZING out, but still pleased to be up and out on the water. We had nine boats, with three people in each one. When we put the boats in the water, it was still pretty dark out, however, as we all paddled out to get a good view slowly but surely it brightened up, and the tree-covered hills surrounding the lake were slowly being lit up and showing their foliage. Around seven though, everyone’s fingers were cold and the sun had mostly risen, so after a short but worth it paddle, we loaded up the boats again and headed to the farm.

The majority of times that I’ve been to Nezinscot have actually been at odd times in the morning, nearer to 6 and 7 than most Batesies could imagine. Nezinscot is a wonderful farm that has amazing food, a popular spot when students want to get a break from Commons. Always the second part of sunrise paddles, the breakfast is that much more satisfying, as almost a reward for getting up early and appreciating the natural beauty all around.

But, as we are all academically engaged Bates students, the van was back in time for 9:30 classes, and luckily I had enough time to change out of my long underwear before heading to my Tolkien’s Middle Ages course.


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