Ready to Rehearse

Only October and I’m already a few rehearsals into my first play of the year ! “Sociability” by Charles Dizenzo, directed by sophomore CG Niquette, is being put on by the Robinson players in an evening of one acts in November. I play Fanny, a sickly enthusiastic hostess and wife who isn’t particularly thrilled with guests from hell, who constantly make inappropriate comments and personal comparisons. My character is guilty of the comparisons as well, and it turns into a free for all in the end, with furniture and clothing being destroyed!

I’m glad to be in rehearsals and keeping busy, but my work load is definitely getting heavier. Now comes the time to balance commitments; all the clubs, classes, plays, and jobs are vying for my time and I need to try and keep everything in order. Hello sophomorism !


About nbrouder
I'm a senior at Bates College getting ready for thesis and the real world!

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