Back at Bates!

Finally finally finally I’m back at school! Being back and seeing everybody has been so wild; those who lead AESOP trips have been here for two weeks already! It seems so different already, as a sophomore living on Frye street my whole approach to Bates has changed slightly. I’m figuring out which paths to take to get to Commons and timing how long it takes to get from where I live to wear I need to be. It’s interesting!

This  weekend is first year orientation, so I am looking forward to mostly just spending time enjoying the lovely Maine weather with my friends for a few days, with a few responsibilities thrown in. Because I’m on the board of the Robinson players, the student theater association, I moved in early, helped move in first years this morning, and will be helping to run the talent show tomorrow night! I’m glad to be jumping right back in with all of my activities- one of my favorite part about Bates is how busy I always am and I can’t wait to be shuffling around on a full schedule again ASAP.


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I'm a senior at Bates College getting ready for thesis and the real world!

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