Summer’s Decline

So work ended last week, and what a great time I had. It was such a great community, with great kids, great staff and awesome facilities. I’m really pleased with the fact that I was able to work with my brother, as well as the relationships formed with specific children. It just further proves that I definitely want to do Bates Buddies again this semester, the program where once a week, Bates students volunteer to play during recess with third graders at Longley Elementary school in Lewiston. I had a few moments this summer where I realized that some kids really needed me, or at least someone, to be there for them. I have a feeling that going back to Longley with this new, better understanding will make it a better experience for all involved.

So now, without my 8h30-4h30 job each day, I barely have any downtime. My family is going to Chicago for the weekend on vacation, and even then, there are only a few weeks until school starts. Three of my high school friends are already leaving for school in the coming week, off to lead orientation programs. I can’t believe how quickly this summer past by. It’s been great so far, like, amazing, actually. I hope that it continues at this pace until school starts again!


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