Matt and Kim Fall

Oh. My. Goodness.

WRBC and the CHC are bringing a super amazing wonderful stupendous concert to the Bates college community for the fall big show. Matt and Kim. September 18. SO GREAT. There are two reasons why this concert is going to be so awesome for me, especially in context of my time at Bates.

Reason A: Last summer, as I eagerly awaited “growing up” and coming to Bates for the first time, I discovered that Girltalk, a DJ who is known for his mashups, was playing the big show that fall. I flipped. I had been worried that going up to this little college in MAINE would completely alienate me from the pretty cool music scene that I had grown used to in Boston. However, Girltalk had just released a sick new album so I was totally pumped. Of course, the show was INSANE…I’m so glad that for the second summer in a row the fall concert is just getting me amped to get to school.

Reason B: As I’ve said before, I adore the WRBC. I love having a radio show, I love feeling connected to that part of the Bates community, I love the people involved. As a DJ, you have certain requirements when you do a show, including PSAs, promos for events, and station IDs. You also are required to play 4 “new” songs per show. In the studio, there is a “new” shelf which features new albums that have been sent to the WRBC to be played. Months ago, maybe in October, I picked up Matt and Kim’s cd, Grand. I’d heard a few of their songs before, specifically ‘yea ya,’ and was interested to hear what else they had. Slowly, my Co-DJ and I became totally obsessed with the album, especially the catchy “daylight.” I put it on mix cds, and told all my friends how much I loved it. Clearly others were doing the same thing, because Matt and Kim got really big on campus towards second semester and into short term. Not only campus wide, but all over everyone seemed to be catching the Matt and Kim bug: they’re now featured on a Bacardi commercial.  Anyways, another big thanks to the WRBC (especially the “new” shelf) for turning me onto something awesome and THEN giving me the chance to experience it live.


Tropic Fun’der

The first session of camp ends tomorrow! I can’t believe it’s gone by so quickly. As it is a performing arts camp, we have one big performance at the end of the session where all three age groups perform a play with songs and dances laced around a single theme. This theme: the Jungle. My brother, the drama teacher, was responsible for the terribly cheezy pun that titled the show. My kids did so well! Their elaborate storyline involved Zoo animals escaping from a zoo to vacation in the jungle, only to discover a jungle full of discontented wild beasts looking to be more like domestics. They sang “I wanna be like you” from the jungle book, and performed a dance to “welcome to the jungle”. (The version of the song, however, was original; after realizing that song was totally inappropriate for 8 year olds to dance around to, the staff recorded a new version with new lyrics. So much fun to act like Axl Rose!)

It was the day that I didn’t have to do much– I shuffled them on stage, reminded them to smile, and sprayed “HAZE IN A CAN” right before their big dance number, but their parents had come to see them perform all the things they had been working so hard on all of camp. It was a great thing to see.

I’m totally crushed that most of my campers won’t be back next session– the outgoing boy-twins, the completely silent blonde girl who skips everywhere, the sassy tall dancer who looks way older than she is… I’m sure next session will hold equal campers, but they will always be my first. My favorites.

Job Joy

I love my job. There’s really nothing else to say after finishing the second week other than I just completely adore it. It’s still hard, and I come home and crash afterwards, but I honestly look forward to going to work every day. My kids are 3rd 4th (ish) graders, which is the same age that I volunteered with in Lewiston first semester with Bates Buddies. I love the middle age group! They’re old enough to have common sense but too young for catty dramatics.

It’s great to be working with an awesome group of staff in this kind of work situation, because you can totally SEE results. At the end of the day, you know you’ve been doing you’re job when the kids are having so much fun they don’t want to go home, when camp runs smoothly you feel accomplished, and have fun yourself.

After all, at the end of the day, it is camp: if you’re not having fun, something is wrong.

Work Week

So I finally began working..! My first day was … hard. I’m working at the arts/theater camp that I attended since age 6. I’ve never been a camp counselor before so dealing with fifteen 8 and 9 year olds, shuffling them from art class to music class to dance class to drama class to pool and back again, helping when they fall or when they quarrel, all sorts of things, I wasn’t necessarily used to doing on such a scale. I got caught off guard my first day by a checkout gone slightly awry, however, which really shook me. I actually am the thing keeping the kids going, and keeping them safe. Thats a big thing to get used to.

Each day since, though, has been awesome. I love my campers, they’re the darlings of camp. Speech impediments and pajama days are really what I deal with these days, and I have to say I really love it. These 6 weeks should be fun.