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This is the last week that my high school is in session. Granted it’s only finals for Freshmen-Juniors, but it’s still the end. Looking at the Class of 2009, already graduated and bumming around Winchester, it’s totally weird to think that it’s only been one year. Or that things kept going after my class left… I remember towards the end of my senior year of high school my class was champions and it seemed like everything happening had never happened before; the unity felt by a class that used to never relate, pulling together pranks and other hijinks, and choosing an altogether pretty impressive college list for the coming fall.

These kids, now in that same position, to me, were always just the class below. They were younger, smaller, less well behaved.. I could never imagine them in our position, rising up to it. And yet, they have. They did, I guess I should say, because now they’re all well into summer and preparing for their first years at colleges across the country. One student from my high school’s senior class will be coming to Bates next year which is exciting, as well as another from my class of 08.

As my friends have been saying right now is merely “fake summer,” a summer experienced mostly by college students who come home for the month of June, previously always spent in school. “real summer” begins when routines begin… Wake up. Work. Play. Sleep. Repeat. Almost there….

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