Downtime draaags

This whole month of June is a sort of vacant month for most of my friends- while all of us have, thank goodness, procured employment for the summer, most jobs dont begin until the last week of June. I’ve been feeling incredibly idle and instead of cleaning my room or writing or doing productive things I’ve been… well.. doing very little.

One thing, though, that I am doing, is gym hopping. To explain: half of my group of friends from high school went to school in the Boston area, and half went elsewhere. The positive side of this was that everytime I came home on breaks that didn’t match up with everyone else, I was just twenty minutes away from a friend to see. The other upside of this is that they all still have access to their gyms and are allowed to bring a guest- everytime they work out! I’ve been super taking advantage of this, and have sampled the Tufts gym as well as the Harvard Law School Hemenway Gym… While I suppose I should be trying to blend in (I did wear a Harvard tshirt when I went the other day..) I always proudly carry around my Bates waterbottle that we got from the Alumni at the Matriculation Dinner in the fall, because I may be using their ellipticals, but my allegiance stands strong with my own school. Viva les bobcats.

(that last part, I’m kidding… I dont take gyms that seriously)

Hope the summer is warm and positive for everyone!

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I'm a senior at Bates College getting ready for thesis and the real world!

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