Concerts Continue

One thing I’m happy about being home is the proximity to a major city. A ton of musicians that I like pass through Boston on tours, and already this summer I’ve got shows to see that excite me extremely. After starting off my summer concert season during school with Animal Collective, I continued on last Wendesday with Grizzly Bear.

My brother bought us tickets as a birthday present to me (tomorrow is my 19th!) and the show was at the Berklee Performance center, a great venue where I’d seen two shows before, Andrew Bird and Stars. The show, sold out, was amazing. Read the globe’s review HERE. One of their songs, Two Weeks, especially reminded me of short term because every time, it seemed, that we got in the car, we immediately put on that song and blasted it. It was almost sad hearing it in this context, but I called two of my friends while they played it and, as one of them texted me later “it’s like the sound of god emanating from a phone.”

My foreseeable conert future is limited, with only Andrew Bird on the 19th… however, as long as I can keep a few dollars in my bank account I have high hopes for seeing shows all summer long.


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