Concerts Continue to Continue/ a joyous reunion

This past weekend, I was able to not only see another great show (with a strange theme of animal names for this season… after Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear now I add Andrew Bird to the list) but also spend the weekend with one of my friends from Bates!

In April, my dad had bought tickets to the concert and I’d asked my friend Kit, who, like me, adores Andrew Bird, if she wanted to come. At that point, it was so far away, almost two months. It didn’t seem important beyond the great experience of seeing him live. However, once school ended, I realized how lucky it was that I already had a planned reunion. Kit took an afternoon train up from Providence on Thursday afternoon and, as I waited in South Station to pick her up, I nervously kept checking when her train got in. Cue dorky movie moment: when I saw her yellow coat walking down the platform I basically ran to the doors and we had a totally cute embrace because I missed her so much.

Friday was spent lazing around initially, but we also ventured to Cambridge to see another one of our friends from Bates, which was, of course, another joyous reunion.

The concert itself was at the Bank of America Pavillion, and I’d never seen a show there before. I had seen Andrew Bird perform two years ago, around the same time, but at the Berklee Performance center, which is a concert-hall sort venue at the Berklee School of Music. We went with my brother and one of his friends, and, as we were about one block away from the tent, I saw a very skinny tall man exit the convenience store to our right and start walking, a little bit ahead, in the same direction we were going. “THATSANDREWBIRD” I tried to nonchalantly pass the message on, but it took a lot of motioning and very aggressive sounding whispering that might as well not be whispering anymore. It was totally sweet to see him in real life!

The show itself, of course, was amazing. Andrew Bird’s shows are always different than his studio albums because he works with his own talents (he’s a classically trained violinist as well as gifted whistler and guitarist) and loops what he plays, to play over it and create layer upon layer of his own sounds. Kit had never seen him in concert before and was almost in awe of how fantastic of a performer he was. Clearly I have been picking the right shows to see this summer, because, AGAIN, the Boston Globe agrees with me. Read the article HERE!


Secondary School

This is the last week that my high school is in session. Granted it’s only finals for Freshmen-Juniors, but it’s still the end. Looking at the Class of 2009, already graduated and bumming around Winchester, it’s totally weird to think that it’s only been one year. Or that things kept going after my class left… I remember towards the end of my senior year of high school my class was champions and it seemed like everything happening had never happened before; the unity felt by a class that used to never relate, pulling together pranks and other hijinks, and choosing an altogether pretty impressive college list for the coming fall.

These kids, now in that same position, to me, were always just the class below. They were younger, smaller, less well behaved.. I could never imagine them in our position, rising up to it. And yet, they have. They did, I guess I should say, because now they’re all well into summer and preparing for their first years at colleges across the country. One student from my high school’s senior class will be coming to Bates next year which is exciting, as well as another from my class of 08.

As my friends have been saying right now is merely “fake summer,” a summer experienced mostly by college students who come home for the month of June, previously always spent in school. “real summer” begins when routines begin… Wake up. Work. Play. Sleep. Repeat. Almost there….

Downtime draaags

This whole month of June is a sort of vacant month for most of my friends- while all of us have, thank goodness, procured employment for the summer, most jobs dont begin until the last week of June. I’ve been feeling incredibly idle and instead of cleaning my room or writing or doing productive things I’ve been… well.. doing very little.

One thing, though, that I am doing, is gym hopping. To explain: half of my group of friends from high school went to school in the Boston area, and half went elsewhere. The positive side of this was that everytime I came home on breaks that didn’t match up with everyone else, I was just twenty minutes away from a friend to see. The other upside of this is that they all still have access to their gyms and are allowed to bring a guest- everytime they work out! I’ve been super taking advantage of this, and have sampled the Tufts gym as well as the Harvard Law School Hemenway Gym… While I suppose I should be trying to blend in (I did wear a Harvard tshirt when I went the other day..) I always proudly carry around my Bates waterbottle that we got from the Alumni at the Matriculation Dinner in the fall, because I may be using their ellipticals, but my allegiance stands strong with my own school. Viva les bobcats.

(that last part, I’m kidding… I dont take gyms that seriously)

Hope the summer is warm and positive for everyone!

Concerts Continue

One thing I’m happy about being home is the proximity to a major city. A ton of musicians that I like pass through Boston on tours, and already this summer I’ve got shows to see that excite me extremely. After starting off my summer concert season during school with Animal Collective, I continued on last Wendesday with Grizzly Bear.

My brother bought us tickets as a birthday present to me (tomorrow is my 19th!) and the show was at the Berklee Performance center, a great venue where I’d seen two shows before, Andrew Bird and Stars. The show, sold out, was amazing. Read the globe’s review HERE. One of their songs, Two Weeks, especially reminded me of short term because every time, it seemed, that we got in the car, we immediately put on that song and blasted it. It was almost sad hearing it in this context, but I called two of my friends while they played it and, as one of them texted me later “it’s like the sound of god emanating from a phone.”

My foreseeable conert future is limited, with only Andrew Bird on the 19th… however, as long as I can keep a few dollars in my bank account I have high hopes for seeing shows all summer long.