Coming to a Close

As short term has totally sped by, I still find myself gasping for a free moment. I’m literally a million places at once. And, these last weeks are completely full of really fun planned events. There’s always something to do, its just a question of getting there to see or do it!

Yesterday, while I missed a band’s final performance on TOP of Mount David because of a group project meeting, I managed to make it over to the puddle to see an a cappella concert. I really love a cappella and one of my good friends is in the Manic Optimists, one of the two all male groups at Bates.

For his short term, my friend had been arranging some new songs for the ManOps to perform, and this was that performance. It was also the final time that the departing seniors would be participating, so it was a big show in some ways. The amphitheater filled up at 5h15, and the singing began. I was so excited because two songs that I really like, Knife by Grizzly Bear and Nantes by Beirut, songs that one wouldn’t really expect to be done a cappella, had been arranged. They were both so good! I was so glad to be able to hear the ManOps one more time.

Okay… now back to the piles of clothes that need to be packed…


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