the Best kind of Block Party

This weekend Bates combined, for the first time ever, two annual short term events, Drop Everything and Play (DEAP) and Ronjstock, to create an overwhelmingly music and fun filled weekend: the Block Party.

Originally put on separately by the Chase Hall Committee and the ronj, a few students worked very hard to unite the two and pump up the event so that it not only featured student bands but also performers from around the country. Sponsored by “just about every organization on campus”, it brought together tons of students on the Library Arcade from 4-10 on Friday and at the Ronj from 12-4 on Saturday.

I had such an overall great weekend. That rarely happens that I end the weekend just brimming with joy- no complaints, feeling completely satisfied by the things I did. It was a nonstop weekend of fun and activities; I literally only had time to take a shower after getting back from Animal Collective before running to the Library quad to see the first act Shara aka one of my friends, Ryan. From there I was out and about until the wee hours of the morning, running around with all my friends. It didn’t end there, though, because somehow all my  friends roused themselves at 10h30 to go to Nezinscot farms for a delicious breakfast as a bit pricier (but totally worth it!) alternative to Commons on a Saturday. When we got back, it was already time to go to the Ronj, where we brought our blanket and dutifully lounged and ate and listened and in my case got a sunburn. My favorite act at ronjstock was definitely Computer at Sea — a kind of indie looking blond guy with a sick set up of all sorts of electronic looking things plugged into other things that looked equally electronic. When he was being introduced, his set up was described including “books with buttons” which, like everyone else, I laughed about… until I got up to dance and get a closer look to see that YES, in fact, his table did feature two antique looking books with buttons on them, that, when pressed, added sounds to the music being made. Completely wild. I was planning on leaving right before they went on but one of my friends insisted that i stayed, just for one song at least. I’m so glad I did (i ended up staying for three, not one, for the record).

What a great weekend. Now comes getting used to the incredible fact that this coming weekend is my last at Bates as a first year. I can’t believe it. I want to make it count.

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