Absolutely Animal Collective

This past Thursday, for the second consecutive Thursday, my friends and I took a very loooong drive down 95 and headed to Massachusetts for the night, to see one of our favorite bands, Animal Collective. The show started at 8 and the second my friend Mere got out of class at 4, we jumped in her CR-V and left school, a car full of girls VERY stoked for the show. The drive down was, like last weekend, not ideal- the weather was awful- however, we kept ourselves amused by listening to our favorite songs (throw backs, especially!), putting on ridiculous sparkly temporary tattoos, and doing crazy makeup. We finally got to the venue, House of Blues, at around 8:20, because we’d gotten a little lost on our way in, but it ended up working out great– we walked in and, after finding some of our friends from Bates in the crowd, we only waited about ten minutes for Animal Collective to take the stage.

The show itself was fantastic – read the Globe’s review . Afterwards, as the club emptied out onto Landsdowne street, more and more faces in the crowd revealed themselves to be Batesies. All of the sudden, here we were, maybe ten or more people standing in the rain in the middle of Boston at midnight on a Thursday screaming “NO PARENTS! NO PARENTS” (a familiar slogan often exclaimed by students) and attracting more and more people by each yell.

After the concert, we headed in a familiar direction: my house. We piled into the car, tired and totally dead and drove to Winchester, about 7 miles outside of Boston. Once we got there, it was about two in the morning (we’d hung around with some other Batesies after the show) and we were all STARVING because we hadn’t had a chance to eat dinner. We starting devouring the food my Mom had left out for us and for some reason I thought that the only thing to do was to embark on a hilarious mission of making elaborate egg sandwiches for everyone. After we all ate, we, satisfied from the food from the concert from everything really, passed out.

I woke up the next morning and got to see my dog and spend a leisurely morning eating bagels around my house with my friends. I was really happy to have them there- it’s like uniting two parts of me, the part at school and the part of where I’m from. I was so excited to show them my dog and my house and my town. We left around noon, back to school again. Got here around 3h30, barely enough time to take a shower before heading to the library quad for the Block Party…


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