Addition of Art Commons

It worked! Remember the big showing of student art, the “art-in” ? Well, after so much support and the hard work of Grif, Jake, and Charlotte Brill, we DID actually get space in Chase Hall for student art. The space, Rowe room, is a long, wide room next to the Bates Musicians Union practice room. Over the past week Charlotte and I have spent hours moving furniture, buying paint, cleaning (well maybe not a lot of cleaning) and just general preperation for the opening of the space to the public.

I was nervous. Aside from a giant blank zebra outline, painted by my friend Kit, and huge bubble letters saying “ART COMMONS” (my eternal mark on the space?), what would there be for the people to do? I was also concerned that no one would show up… 8 pm on a Monday in short term? I wasn’t making any bets. But somehow, people just showed up in huge groups, and everyone seemed to just automatically grab a paintbrush and start making their mark on the space. Each wall, not even just the walls we planned on (and layed drop cloth under), is now covered in student art. Ranging from intricate designs to handprint collages to an ocean scene to the very conceptual and abstract, anyone had a chance to put their art on the walls. It’s what we want for the space- even those who aren’t studio art majors etc and therefore don’t get studio space… we have space for them. Art Commons is a space for everyone and anyone willing to respect the space.

I only hope that over the course of the rest of short term, Art Commons can begin to mean as much to others in the Bates Community as it does to me.


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