Driving Down

At somewhere near 3h45 on Thursday afternoon, I sent my friend Meredith a text message that read: “Twenty minutes.We’re going to Cape Cod.” Mere, who was in class until 4, was surprisingly very much interested in making a spur of the moment 500 mile round trip journey to one of our friend’s cape houses in Truro. He was having a bunch of people over for the weekend but because some of us had class on Friday, it wouldn’t really work for us to be there this weekend. We though, hey, it’s an adventure right ?

We ended up getting off of campus around 5, and from there we just drove the 4 and a half hours, down 95 to Boston and then over to basically the end of Cape Cod. The drive itself was so much fun, me and three of my best friends listening to our favorite songs and talking about why we like short term so much.

When we finally got to his house a little before ten we were so excited to see our friends who had been there since Wednesday– incuding one who hasn’t been on campus for short term (we missed him terribly). It was a lot of fun just hanging out, three minutes from the beach in a beautiful house.

Now though, I’m back on campus, ready for another adventure. The drive back was so beautiful, the weather was perfect and clear and it’s beginning to seem, to me at least, that short term is about just… going. Picking up, taking advantage of the free time, and getting out there. Now that Mere has her car here, that’s what I’ve been doing everyday. Just getting in the car, seeing where it takes us.

I wonder what today will hold…?


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